ILI Logística internacional

An association of companies of the Transport, Logistics and International Trade sectorILI Logística internacional is an association of companies and institutions linked to transport, logistics and infrastructure management.
It is an association set up by the Port of Barcelona Logistics Activities Area (ZAL) and has been operating for more than 10 years.
ILI's mission goes much further than simply performing studies in the field of logistics and transport and is increasingly focused on providing ongoing advice to various customers - such as public administrations - to help them to implement their policies in this area; and to help private sector customers to develop and set up their projects. continuE


Universitat Abat Oliva CEU

Masters in International Logistics

The main objective of the university Masters in Logistics and International Trade is to train professional experts in logistics, transport and international trade who are able to lead the management of supply chains and their logistics, and optimise the use of transport while minimising the costs and environmental impact, and leading companies' internationalisation projects. continuE

Masters in Logistics and International Business
The Masters is the first of its kind to be offered in Mexico City. An agreement with the Institute of ILI International Logistic and the Port of Barcelona provides participants with an overview of business in both continents. The students on our courses are specialised in this area, generating a professional atmosphere that motivates students to be market leaderso. continuE

Simple Use Railway Connections – SURCO
Course – Workshop on Maritime-Rail Intermodality

Aims: To provide the necessary training and information to the people who will decide and manage logistics chains in which the railway can be a profitable alternative in terms of service, cost or time. To discover the advantages and possible financial and environmental savings that can be obtained by using the railways, in terms of costs and risks. continuE