Universitat Abat Oliva CEU

Masters in Logistics and International Trade
Universitat Abat Oliba CEU

Place: Barcelona    
Target group: - Professionals with responsibilities in the areas of logistics and operations in the international business area who wish to increase and/or update their knowledge.
- University graduates with an interest in managing logistics operations in the framework of international trade
- Entrepreneurs planning to operate in national and international markets
Aims: The main objective of the university Masters in Logistics and International Trade is to train professional experts in logistics, transport and international trade who are able to lead the management of supply chains and their logistics, and optimise the use of transport while minimising the costs and environmental impact, and leading companies' internationalisation projects.

Brochure on the Masters in Logistics and International Trade

Universitat Abat Oliva CEU Masters in Logistics and International Business
Universidad Anàhuac México Sur
Place: August 2011    
Mission: To provide all-round training for professionals with great leadership potential, developing the necessary knowledge and skills to implement strategies in the company to provide added value to all the processes of the company. Aims:

    To forge a new generation of professionals and executives who can use the most modern tools to implement strategies providing added value to all the company's processes.
    To integrate the practice and the fundamental theory of logistics and international business by studying real, specific problems.

    To develop the practical skills for handling the logistics processes of a company working in the global arena.
    To boost technological transfer as a means of creating international competitive advantages and promote a culture of excellence.
    To develop interpersonal skills to exercise leadership that can bring about changes in a profoundly humanistic way.

Universitat Abat Oliva CEU
  1. Simple Use Railway Connections – SURCO

    Course – Workshop Maritime-Rail Intermodality

    Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping
Mission:   Aims:
  • To provide the necessary training and information to the people who will decide and manage logistics chains in which the railway can be a profitable alternative in terms of service, cost or time.
    To discover the advantages and possible financial and environmental savings that can be obtained by using the railways, in terms of costs and risks
    To foster the use of rail transport by disseminating its characteristics and particularities

Universitat Abat Oliva CEU
  1. Motorways of the Sea – MOS in Europe
    Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping
Mission: This course is aimed at staff working in companies, the media
and management related to road transport of goods and
importing and exporting companies.

It is especially aimed at the following departments: Management, Traffic, Commercial, Operations and Logistics.
  • The training is divided into two parts; a theoretical part and a practical part.
    The theoretical part of the course covers the following issues: Terminal operations and loading; Maritime logistics; Inland ports - building the logistics network (description and services); E-maritime for the MOS "door-to-door" services - EDI Shortsea XML and other solutions, Track and Trace, and Customs Aspects; Cost models: direct and external costs; Environmental aspects on transport; legal framework for intermodal transport operations within the EU; and TEN-T Corridors and SSS: the present and the future.

    The practical part of the course involves drawing up a case study. Trainees will design a Short Sea Shipping service, calculate a budget and prepare the customs documentation.