ILI, Logística Internacional offers you an all-embracing and versatile service of advice at any phase of the development of a project, from the pre-feasibility strategic concept and analysis phases right up to support in the setting up and participation in management process. This is a flexible advice service adapted to your specific needs" SEE PRESENTATION OF THE DOCUMENT IN PDF





Strategic design of a project to help decision-makers to propose a correct approach to the problem and to design alternative solutions to help them take their decisions, and design of a methodology to allow them to implement and follow up such decisions.


Feasibility analyses seen from various viewpoints - demand: analysing whether the market will respond to the initiative proposed and under which conditions; technical feasibility, analysing the optimal configurations that can best respond to the expectations of the market; and economic - financial and profitability analysis


Through its associated companies, ILI provides the best specialists in each area to guarantee the best adaptation in the project design to find the most suitable technical solution to the requirements that emerge from the prior feasibility studies.

Supporting the customer in defining the terms of reference and the technical specifications of the engineering project to be contracted, based on the experience gleaned from many other projects of a similar nature, or from developing these projects directly.

The ILI association involves the participation of construction companies that wish to take part in public competitions and calls for tender organised by public administrations or infrastructure managers to bring a logistics or transport project to fruition.   



The task of operating a logistics infrastructure successfully can be made much easier with the advice of an organisation with a long experience in innovating in the design of operational systems to adapt to changing needs and correcting the errors and dysfunctions that come up continually in daily operations. ILI's partners include many of the best logistics and transport infrastructures managers that can contribute their experience to these projects.


ILI can advise customers to prepare the necessary documentation demanded by investors and support them to find and select those that are best adapted to the characteristics of the project and the expectations of the customer. This often means looking not only for strictly financial investors but also those who can provide the "know how" required to develop these.



The experience of the various bodies associated to ILI is a guarantee that they can help the customer through a critical phase such as set-up. This could be achieved by getting involved and taking part in the management by supporting marketing processes and organising events to situate the project suitably on the international markets.


Support in MARKETING

ILI has access to potential logistics infrastructures customers throughout most of the world, due to the ongoing ZAL marketing process and its links to the European associations (Europlatforms) and Spanish associations of transport centres (ACTE).


Advice / Participation in MANAGEMENT
The management advice that ILI can provide ranges from configuring the structure of the management company (types of partners, stakeholdings, shareholder agreements, etc.), and preparing the most appropriate management scheme for such a company, up to direct involvement in the management via a fee agreed with the customer to guarantee that good practices and experience in managing logistics and transport projects can be incorporated into the management company as efficiently as possible.


ILI has been organising international conferences and events to bring together the various organisations, companies and professionals of the logistics sector. This experience can be made available for a project requiring considerable dissemination, such as support for marketing strategies.


Designing training programmes
ILI has a specific training department for disseminating knowledge about logistics. In addition, ILI's training staff can design customised training programmes to suit the needs of any customer who may wish to undertake a logistics project. A project could fail without an appropriate training programme to guarantee that the future developers of the project are properly trained at all levels